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Web Design I
Introduction to Multimedia
Internet Communications (PHP)
Dreamweaver Website Development
Dreamweaver Dynamic Applications
Designing with CSS
Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Visio, Project)
SQL Queries
Database Design Theory
Ascent Capture Batch Manager
Digital Oilfield OpenInvoice
Customized Classes

Course Descriptions...

Back to Top Web Design I
Instruction in web design and related graphic design issues including mark-up languages, web sites, and browsers. Emphasis is on the use of hypertext markup languages (XHTML) to design functional and compelling web pages.
Back to Top Introduction to Multimedia
A survey of the theories, elements, and hardware/software components of multimedia. Topics include digital image editing, digital sound, and video editing, animation, web page development, and interactive presentations. Emphasis on conceptualizing and producing effective multimedia presentations.
Back to Top Internet Communications
Advanced seminar in web server design and maintenance. Topics include scripting, web site planning, testing, security, production, and marketing.
Back to Top Macromedia Dreamweaver Website Development
Learn to use the Web tool that has become a favorite of designers in a new version with powerful enhancements. Make effective and efficient static web sites that look sharp and load fast.
Back to Top Macromedia Dreamweaver Dynamic Applications
Learn to use databases and web programming languages to build a dynamic, data-driven applications in Dreamweaver. Use ASP, Cold Fusion or PHP.
Back to Top Designing with CSS
Cascading Style Sheets are an important standard in web design. This class targets beginner to intermediate web designers who want an immersive introduction to CSS on the web. From controlling type, color and layout to enhancing accessibility and functionality, this class offers an intensive overview of CSS and how it integrates into the new XHTML standards.
Back to Top SQL Queries
Learn the fundamental concepts behind Structured Query Language or SQL. Class exercises will teach you to slice and dice your data any way you need it.
Back to Top HTML
Learn the essentials of HTML coding so that you can hard code a site or tweak one created with a Web tool. Most page development tools allow you to make changes to your site in a code window as well as in the WYSISWYG (what-you-see-is-sorta-what-you-get) layout view. You'll find it's a real advantage to know HTML as well as your Web tool of choice.
Back to Top Internet
Get acquainted with the internet. Learn about browsers, search engines and web-based email.
Back to Top Microsoft Office products
Learn how to use each component of Office. Overview of email, spreadsheets, word processing, slide shows, org or flow charts, project management and databases. Make the seamless integration work for you.
Back to Top Database Design Theory
Before you start to build your database, learn the rules of good database design to maintain portability from desktop or network to web server with no reprogramming.
Back to Top Ascent Capture Batch Manager
Creating batches, scanning, replacing, deleting, validation, quality control, releasing and synchronizing. Getting your paper invoices to electronic format for integration with Digital Oilfield OpenInvoice.
Back to Top Digital Oilfield OpenInvoice
Internet-based electronic invoicing that automates and integrates financial and operational processes between energy companies and their suppliers. Includes OpenImage for scanned paper invoices, OI Remote for offline processing and OpenContract for pricing reconciliation and contract lifecycle
management capability.
Back to Top Customized Classes
Don't see the exact configuration for you? I can customize a class to your specifications. Just drop me an email at .


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